College Professor Violently Assaults Female Colleague for Not Loving Her Back

College Professor Violently Assaults Female Colleague for Not Loving Her BackCollege Professor Violently Assaults Female Colleague for Not Loving Her Back
A professor and chair of Art Studio at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly beating her colleague of 14 years with a rock, garden shears and fire poker.
Rie Hachiyanagi, a 48-year-old art professor from South Hadley, was arrested on Dec. 24 after she broke into her colleague’s home in Leverett and assaulted her, according to Northwestern District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Mary Carey via People.
The assault happened around midnight when Hachiyanagi called 911 to report an attack on a Mount Holyoke professor, whose name was not revealed.
The woman allegedly told the dispatcher she found the victim “in a pool of blood” and “barely breathing, semi-conscious and with a head injury,” according to a police report obtained by the Daily Hampshire Gazette.
Hachiyanagi allegedly told the police she saw signs of struggle in the house, but authorities found no intruders. She also allegedly told them she was covered in blood because she was holding her friend.
The victim was then rushed to the hospital and suffered numerous lacerations, broken bones in her nose and eye area, and puncture wounds on her head and face.
In the hospital, the terrified woman told the police Hachiyanagi allegedly came to her house unannounced and said she wanted to “talk about her feelings.”
Hachiyanagi then proceeded to attack the woman with “multiple implements,” such as “fists, rocks, garden clippers, and a fire poker.”
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When asked by the victim why she attacked her, Hachiyanagi said, “that she loved her for many years and she should have known.”
The woman “thought she was going to die at the hands of Hachiyanagi,” she said. Hachiyanagi stopped the attacks after the woman played along and said she had the same feelings and asked her to call 911.
Meanwhile, Hachiyanagi told the police she did not remember anything that happened after 6 p.m. that day and said she has a medical condition from multiple concussions that affects her memory, ABC News reported.
Officials from the college confirmed two faculty members being involved in a “serious incident” that “resulted in the hospitalization of one faculty member who is receiving care.”
They also expressed full cooperation as the authorities continue an investigation of the case.
“We will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in support of their ongoing investigations,” the college said in a statement. “We take very seriously the safety and well-being of every member of our community, and the College is providing support to impacted parties as appropriate.”
Hachiyanagi, who was placed on administrative leave and is not permitted on campus during a review of the incident, has been charged with armed assault with attempt to murder a person over the age of 60, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, one count of mayhem and one count of armed assault in a dwelling.
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