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Twitter Wants to #BoycottMulan After Actress Liu Yifei Posts Support for Hong Kong Police

“Mulan” star Liu Yifei has come under fire after allegedly expressing support for the Hong Kong police, whom activists accuse of using excessive force to quell ongoing protests.

This week, officers and demonstrators clashed at the Hong Kong International Airport and various other locations, resulting in what some describe as unprecedented violence in the semi-autonomous region.

‘Mulan’ Actress Liu Yifei and Korean Boyfriend Split

actress liu yifei and song seung-heon end relationship

Actress Liu Yifei, who was cast as the lead in the live-action remake of Disney’s “Mulan,” and South Korean actor Song Seung-heon have reportedly called it quits.

Liu Yifei, 30, and Song Seung-heon, 41, first met on the set of the Korean-Chinese movie “The Third Way of Love” back in 2015, and the two began dating and announced their relationship to the public in the same year.

The Original Actress For Mulan Has Some Sage Advice for the New ‘Mulan’

The actress that will play the lead part in the first ever live-action adaptation of “Mulan” was officially revealed to be Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

While some Chinese netizens strongly disagree with the decision to cast Liu, who is also known as Crystal Liu, many Asian-American celebrities from Hollywood were pretty much excited with the news. One in particular is the original Mulan herself: Ming-Na Wen.

Disney’s Pick for Mulan is Literally the Worst Actress in China, According to China

On November 28, Disney announced that Liu YiFei had been chosen to play the titular lead in Mulan in the live-action remake of the beloved classic originally released in 1998.

And while her casting is a welcome change of pace from Hollywood’s standard modus operandi of Whitewashing, the choice is perhaps a bit perplexing, considering she’s rated by Chinese netizens as one of the worst actresses of all time.

19-Year-Old Chinese Girl Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Actress Liu Yifei

Another Chinese girl has chosen to go under the knife in an attempt to recreate the beauty of her favorite celebrity idol. Meet Li Yifei, a 19-year-old from Qingdao, China who is using cosmetic surgery to become a clone of her idol, actress, model and singer Liu Yifei.

After a relative noted her resemblance, Li and her mother began searching pictures and instantly became a obsessed with the model’s looks, career and personal life — Li even studied her mannerisms and studied classical Chinese dance, according to Shanghaiist. Here’s what Liu Yufei actually looks like: