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Fake Lego Sets of ISIS Terrorists From China Pulled From Singaporean Stores

Singaporean retailers — both online and offline — reportedly pulled out knock-off toy sets of Lego depicting notorious terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly known and referred to as ISIS.

The made-in-China knock-off toys were spotted being sold by 8 Series, a retail store located in People’s Park Center in Outram, Singapore, as well as on the online local store Carousell, according to The Straits Times.

Chinese Artist Spends 3 Days Creating $15,000 Lego Sculpture, Gets Destroyed in 1 Hour

A Chinese Lego artist who spent three days and thousands of dollars to create a sculpture of a character from the film “Zootopia” was able to exhibit his work for one hour before it was destroyed by a child.

The Lego artist, who goes by the name Mr. Zhao, created a sculpture of Nick Wilde for an exhibit at Wanda Plaza in Ningbo, across the bay and south of Shanghai.

Master Builder Creates Insane Pop-Up Castle Out of Lego

If you thought you were an expert lego builder, think again. This man just blew all amateur lego builders out of the water with his extraordinary lego architectural skills. Last week, YouTube user Talapz uploaded a video of his LEGO pop-up Himeji Castle. The castle can stand on its own and fold into itself like a book.

It took him a year and three months to create his beautiful LEGO masterpiece.

Legos Will No Longer Be Made Out of Plastic

Lego, the iconic construction block toy, will be going through some changes over the next decade to become more environmentally friendly.

Lego plans to invest $1 billion over the next 15 years to replace the plastic materials currently used to make the iconic building blocks with something less impactful on the climate while also making their products’ packaging more environmentally sustainable. Lego CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp explained: