Master Builder Creates Insane Pop-Up Castle Out of Lego

If you thought you were an expert lego builder, think again.
It took him a year and three months to create his beautiful LEGO masterpiece.
The number of legos used in the castle is unknown.
In total, the weight of the pop-up lego castle book is 12.5 kg or 27.5 pounds.
No adhesives were used in the production of the pop up book.
The total dimensions of the book in its flat form is 70 centimeters by 70 centimeters by 11.5 centimeters.
Talapz mentions in the caption of his video that he would like to include a small castle tower for the Himeji Castle.
He also provides a disclaimer on his extraordinary work of lego art by noting that the walls, moats and wells are not positioned correctly.
Since starting his YouTube account in 2009, Talapz has racked over 5 million views on his ten videos involving legos.
h/t: RocketNews24
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