Chinese Artist Spends 3 Days Creating $15,000 Lego Sculpture, Gets Destroyed in 1 Hour

A Chinese Lego artist who spent three days and thousands of dollars to create a sculpture of a character from the film “Zootopia” was able to exhibit his work for one hour before it was destroyed by a child.
The Lego artist, who goes by the name Mr. Zhao, created a sculpture of Nick Wilde for an exhibit at Wanda Plaza in Ningbo, across the bay and south of Shanghai.
Over the course of three days, Zhao used computer imaging to assemble over 100,000 RMB in Legos, or over $15,200, into a life-size version of the character.
Unfortunately, a child was able to sneak under the exhibit’s rope barrier around the sculpture within the first hour of opening and managed to push the sculpture over.
Zhao was reportedly not too angry over the accident, his reason being a child couldn’t possibly understand the cost of the damage. He also blamed Wanda employees who were not careful enough to protect his work.
Fortunately, the parents of the child approached Zhao offering compensation which he politely declined. Only a third of the figure was sealed with glue and able to be saved.
h/t: Shanghaiist
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