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Kit Kat in Japan Ditches Plastic Wrapper for Paper That Can Become Origami

It is no secret by now that Kit Kats everywhere else have got nothing on those found in Japan, not only in terms of flavor variety but also the creativity in presentation and packaging.

Taking this discrepancy a step further is Nestlé Japan’s move to introduce a radical change to the look of their Kit Kat range. Beginning at the end of September, the company is reportedly replacing Kit Kat’s plastic packaging with paper, SoraNews24 reports. 

Japan Will Soon Sell ‘Ruby Chocolate’ Kit Kat Bars

Nestle Japan, in partnership with Barry Callebaut, has announced a limited edition flavor for the “fourth type of chocolate” called “Ruby Sublime Kit Kat.”

The Ruby chocolate, which was developed by Zurich-based company Barry Callebaut, is the newest type of chocolate that came out in the market since Nestle unveiled its white chocolate variant more than 80 years ago, The Guardian reported.