Thailand is About to Get Durian Flavored Kit Kat Bars

Thailand is About to Get Durian Flavored Kit Kat Bars
King Malleta
By King Malleta
March 10, 2017
Kit Kats are sold in variety of flavors, but what’s next to come might either be a hit or a huge miss.
Nestle, manufacturer of the renowned chocolate treat, is discussing the possibility of releasing Durian flavored Kit Kats. Thailand, which is famous for mangosteen, tamarind, and durian, thought of the idea to benefit their tourism.
According to Asia One, Nestle is still discussing the possibility of producing Durian KitKats because of “other factors to be considered.”
Not many people are fond of Durian because of its aggressive smell, but for those who enjoy the fruit, durian flavored Kit Kats are surely great news.
Over the years, Japan has produced various flavored Kit Kats, such as grilled potato Kit Kats, wasabi Kit Kats, pepper citrus Kit Kats, and even sushi-inspired Kit Kats.
So, after a potential Durian-flavored Kit Kat, what could be next?
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