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Italian Satirical Show Hosts Spark Outrage for Slanted-Eye Gesture, Mocking of Chinese Accent

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Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker, hosts of the satirical show “Striscia la Notizia,” are facing backlash online for making the slanted-eye gesture and mocking the Chinese accent in an episode on Monday.

The incident started with Hunziker mocking how Chinese people pronounce the letter “r” with an “l” sound while introducing a segment on the Italian broadcasting company RAI’s headquarters in Beijing, according to Diet_Prada.

Man Charged for Breaking Quarantine in Italy to Catch ‘Pokémon’

An Italian man has been charged for breaking quarantine in Italy to allegedly play “Pokémon Go” as Italy faces a country-wide lockdown due to COVID-19.

The 31-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, encountered the Italian Carabinieri (Italy’s main police force) while he was out with his daughter playing “Pokémon Go” in San Fermo, a small town in northern Italy, during the quarantine, according to Italian news site Leggo via Business Insider.

Top Italian Music School Suspends All ‘Oriental Students’ from Classes Over Coronavirus Fears


A prestigious music school in Rome, Italy has sparked outrage for suspending all “oriental” students amid the country’s first two cases of coronavirus, which is now a global health emergency according to the World Health Organization.

Director Roberto Giuliani of the National Academy of St Cecilia, one of the world’s oldest music schools, sent an email to all 160 of the school’s teachers on January 29, according to The Local. The note, translated from Italian, reads:

Chinese Man Murdered by Teen Ex-Boyfriend and Stuffed Inside Suitcase

A Chinese man was found dead inside a suitcase after his ex-boyfriend allegedly killed him in what is being considered a revenge attack at a home in northern Italy near Prato.

The victim, Hu Congliang, 20, threatened his 17-year-old ex-boyfriend by spreading all of his indecent pictures from his phone when the latter tried to break up with him, AFP reported via The Straits Times.