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How horrors like the Manananggal influenced a Filipino American director’s bloody new teen vampire film

blumhouse maritte go teen vampire

Halloween season is here, bringing along “Welcome to Blumhouse” and its latest set of anthological thriller-horror films. In a conversation with NextShark, Filipino American director Maritte Lee Go sinks her teeth into what childhood legends inspired her to pursue horror and why she feels like now is the time for Asians to create and tell their stories.

Her film “Black as Night” is a whiplash-quick coming-of-age story about four teens hunting down vampires preying on New Orleans’ displaced and homeless population, who are still hurting from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago. Armed with “Legacies” and “Shameless” writer Sherman Payne’s script, the film bites into systemic racism, colorism and gentrification while balancing a story set during a summer full of growing pains and teenage angst.

Forget Slender Man, Hideo Kojima’s Legendary ‘P.T.’ is the Best Horror Game of All Time

If you’re a gamer like me, you’ve started to see targeted ads for the upcoming “Slender Man” movie pop up in your news feed. Set to release on May 18, 2018, the film follows the story of a young girl who goes missing after summoning Slender Man in a ritual with three of her friends.

While many fans fear the film will tank due to performance history of video games-turned-movies, the character is actually based off the creepypasta meme of the same name, rendering that point completely moot. Yet the game’s importance can’t be ignored, as Slender Man didn’t truly become popular until indie game studio Parsec Productions created “Slender: The Eight Pages“. It received a lot of media attention from gaming publications, lauding the title and praising it on the same level as other big names in the genre such as “Amnesia: The Dark Descent“.

Photographer Dad Features Daughters in Terrifying Book of Children’s Nightmares on Kickstarter

When parents photograph their children they usually strive to make their kids look as angelic as possible in a beautiful place set among the clouds or a field of flowers. That was not what photographer dad Joshua Hoffine was going for in his pictures at all.

Hoffine, who is based in Kansas City, Missouri, captures the most ghoulish scenes people have nightmares of as children.