Teaser trailer drops for new ‘Silent Hill’ spinoff game set in 1960s Japan

Teaser trailer drops for new ‘Silent Hill’ spinoff game set in 1960s JapanTeaser trailer drops for new ‘Silent Hill’ spinoff game set in 1960s Japan
Chandler Treon
October 20, 2022
Video game publisher Konami is returning to “Silent Hill” with “Silent Hill f,” a spinoff game set in 1960s Japan.
The game is being written by Ryūkishi07, a famed visual novelist known for murder mysteries and supernatural horror, such as his “When They Cry” series. It is unclear what the “f” in the title stands for, although it resembles the dynamic “forte” symbol used in music composition.
The trailer shows an abandoned Japanese town that has been engulfed by fog, maintaining the hazy motif the franchise is known for. However, fog is not the only thing infesting this sleepy town: an invasive, fungus-like mass of red tendrils threatens to rapidly infest everything it touches, clinging onto a girl who tries to escape its grip in the trailer.
The tendrils can be seen rooting themselves into the girl’s body and growing back out through trypophobia-inducing holes before sprouting into flowers resembling red spider lilies. The trailer shows a final shot of the girl fully infested with a variety of flowers, her face disturbingly sloughing off to reveal an empty black crater.
No official gameplay is featured in the new trailer.
“Silent Hill f” is one of five new “Silent Hill” properties to have been announced during Konami’s recent showcase, the other three being a remake of “Silent Hill 2,” another spinoff titled “Silent Hill: Townfall” and a multiplatform game titled “Silent Hill: Ascension.” A new film titled “Return to Silent Hill,” which will be directed by Christophe Gans — the filmmaker who directed the first “Silent Hill” film — was also announced.
The new games mark a return to the franchise eight years after the 2014 release of “P.T.,” which was a playable trailer for a “Silent Hill” game produced by legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima in collaboration with celebrated filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro titled “Silent Hills.” Before the game was canceled by Konami, players who completed the playable trailer discovered that the game would star actor Norman Reedus.
A release date has not yet been announced for “Silent Hill f,” but you can check out its trailer below.

Featured Image via Konami
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