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‘Harry Potter’ Actress Says She Was Told to Deny Racist Attacks on Her During Filming

katie leung

Actress Katie Leung‘s publicists allegedly instructed her to deny the racist attacks she encountered before and during the filming of “Harry Potter.”

In a recent episode of the “Chinese Chippy Girl” podcast, the 33-year-old Asian Scottish actress revealed that she was receiving harassment after production announced she would be playing Cho Chang in the film series, according to Huffington Post.

#AsiansForBlackLives: Harry Potter Star Responds to JK Rowling’s ‘Racist’ Name Choice

Chinese Scottish actor Katie Leung is winning praises on Twitter for her response regarding the “racist” choice of her character’s name in the “Harry Potter” series.

Leung, who played Cho Chang in Warner Bros.’ movie adaptation — the only Asian character to ever share the spotlight with the Boy-Who-Lived — broke her silence over the weekend as author J.K. Rowling faced a new wave of backlash for “anti-trans” tweets.

‘Pokemon Go’ Creators Announce ‘Harry Potter’ Augmented Reality Game

The moment many Potterheads have been waiting for has finally arrived! Niantic Labs, the developer of the augmented reality (AR) mobile app “Pokemon Go”, officially confirmed that a “Harry Potter” AR game is coming sometime in the near future.

Niantic Labs delivered the official news in its latest blog post, revealing the title of its next mobile game, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”.

Singaporean Police Warns Residents to Ignore Harassment Letters From Lord Voldemort

Residents of Yishun, Singapore are being harassed by someone claiming to be the fictional villain from the Harry Potter novels, Lord Voldemort. The harassment has gotten so bad that local police have issued a public advisory telling people not to respond to any threats from the Dark Lord.

According to the authorities, 15 reports from multiple locations have already been filed regarding the threatening letters signed by “Lord Voldemort”, the main antagonist in novelist J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. An email address was also added below the signature name in the letter, Channel News Asia reported.

‘Harry Potter’ Fans are Now a Threat to Wild Owls in Asia, Study Finds

The increasing demand for owls as domestic pets in several Asian countries is attributed to an obsession with “Harry Potter”, with papers consequently calling for the animals’ protection.

For one, anthropologist Vincent Nijman and conservation biologist Anna Nekaris of Oxford Brookes University called the phenomenon the “Harry Potter effect,” referring to the surge of illegal trade in wild owls over the past decade in Indonesia.