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Luxury Gym For Rich People Confirms They Only Care About Good Looks and Money

Equinox, the gym for the elite that can cost between $1,440 to $26,000 a year for membership, has upset everyone, including their members, with their latest ad on Facebook.

The ad depicts a totally ripped guy with sunglasses on in nothing but underwear and shoes lying on a couch in a high-rise strapped up from head to toe in stacks of $100 bills. The caption of the ad reads, “Commit to make it. Commit to losing it. #CommitToSomething.”

Man Gets Locked Inside LA Fitness, Decides to Make a Facebook Video About It

A Florida man was enjoying a relaxing session inside a LA Fitness sauna when he emerged to find that the gym had been closed down with him locked inside.

Nicholas Clayton of Clearwater, Florida, was relaxing in the sauna with his headphones on when he came out shortly after 5 p.m. to find all the lights turned off with no one in sight. He documented the experience on Facebook: