How a Fat Donut Eater Dropped 50 Pounds and Became a Male Model

How a Fat Donut Eater Dropped 50 Pounds and Became a Male ModelHow a Fat Donut Eater Dropped 50 Pounds and Became a Male Model
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March 11, 2016
In a matter of 15 months, an overweight 28-year-old proved that he could turn his health around and now even sports a sexy six-pack.
Sebastian David from Burnley, England, was once overweight with a belly. When the university graduate’s father was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in the summer of 2013, David put his own health on the back burner.
He told Daily Mail that he didn’t cook a meal for himself for nine months and opted for convenient take-out instead.
Following the death of his father in March 2014, David, a fire safety officer, decided he needed change. He waved goodbye to KFC chicken buckets and English pastries and laid out a strict fitness regime in order to care for his own health. After ditching a life of junk food, David is hardly recognizable now.
David, who used to eat 5,000 calories worth of food each day, went from 202 pounds to 147 pounds. Since his incredible weight loss, David has been offered a number of modeling gigs.
A regular at the gym now, he has been encouraged by other gym goers to enter bodybuilding competitions. He reportedly finished seventh in a nationwide competition and is being called one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors. He told Mail:
“I have to confess, it’s strange being asked to model when I look at photos of myself from two years ago. But I’m not complaining. It’s nice to get a bit of attention now and then.
“My mum is very proud of me and just happy that I’ve got out of a place that wasn’t great for me. She wouldn’t care if I was fat or thin or whatever, just as long as I’m happy.
“In a way, getting fat was a good thing, because I wouldn’t be doing the stuff I am now without it. I didn’t set out to compete in bodybuilding or do modeling, I just set out to get my body in shape and feel better, but once I got going I kept reassessing my goals.”
David, who has a degree in sport science, is working towards his second bodybuilding event in Belfast in May.
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