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TikToker shares heartwarming video of his late grandfather learning how to say a Cardi B song title

  • In memory of his grandfather, a Chinese Canadian TikTok user shared clips of short videos that they made together before his death.
  • The first clip shows the user teaching his grandparents how to say “hospital” while the second clip shows him teaching them a vulgar phrase.
  • TikTok users offered their condolences, describing the video of the two clips as both “wholesome” and humorous.
  • The video has garnered over 8,000 likes and 71,000 views at the time of writing.

A TikTok user whose grandfather died a month ago shared heartwarming video clips that they made together before his death. 

The Chinese Canadian user, @esafung, posted two clips in one video where he teaches his grandparents English phrases. In the first clip, he teaches his grandparents how to pronounce “hospital.” In the second clip, the user teaches his grandparents the explicit phrase “wet ass p*ssy,” made popular by rapper Cardi B in her 2020 hit song of the same name, without explaining its meaning. 

Grandparents Attend Smartphone Classes to Keep in Touch With Family From Taiwan

It can be hard for previous generations to keep up with the ever-growing advancement of modern technology, which is why some schools are now offering smartphone lessons to teach the elderly how to use modern technologies to help them communicate with their loved ones living far away.

Cassandra Lin, a member of the massive private Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, recently shared a picture of her grandpa and grandma taking up lessons on how to use smartphones at a senior college in Shilin district, Taipei, Taiwan.

Woman Reunites With Her ‘Lolo’ After 15 Years, Discovers He Kept a Picture of Her Always

A young Filipina shared an adorable tweet about how when she finally reunited with her lolo (grandfather) after 15 years, he showed her a photo of her at age 5 that he had been keeping in his wallet.

The woman, who goes by the name Gianne Pineda, according to her Instagram page, tweeted a photo of her grandfather holding up the picture in his wallet, and a photo of the duo together.