Grandparents Attend Smartphone Classes to Keep in Touch With Family From Taiwan

Grandparents Attend Smartphone Classes to Keep in Touch With Family From Taiwan

April 10, 2019
It can be hard for previous generations to keep up with the ever-growing advancement of modern technology, which is why some schools are now offering smartphone lessons to teach the elderly how to use modern technologies to help them communicate with their loved ones living far away.
Cassandra Lin, a member of the massive private Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, recently shared a picture of her grandpa and grandma taking up lessons on how to use smartphones at a senior college in Shilin district, Taipei, Taiwan.
My 92 year old grandpa started going to weekly classes with my grandma to learn how to use cell phones, take pics, use LINE etc. to communicate with his grandchildren,” Cassandra wrote in the post. “He bought an iPhone 8 plus cause his teacher has one and he thought he needed it lmao. please support this wholesome man so I can (translate this &) LINE this to him!”
Cassandra’s grandpa and 87-year-old grandma, who came to Taiwan when they were young, “started taking these lessons last fall,” and they attend the classes “every week for around 2 hours in the afternoon,” she told NextShark.
The Rhode Island local, currently studying in California, noted that her grandparents used to visit them every year, but “haven’t in the past 5 years.” She did, however, share that she was able to visit them last September in Taiwan.
Cassandra and her grandparents usually contact each other via video chat, and they mostly hold up the calls during holidays like Chinese New Year or any other special family occasions.
Grandparents exerting effort for their families can be very touching whether it’s learning how to use modern tech to keep in touch with family or getting out of their comfort zones just to have fun with their grand kids, like the 81-year-old grandpa who busts a move to Lil Pump.
Pictures provided by Cassandra Lin
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