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Gordon Ramsay Unleashed a ‘White Geisha Cocktail’ at his ‘Authentic’ Chinese Restaurant and Thanks, People Hate It

After drawing intense backlash following the promotion of his new London restaurant, Lucky Cat, Gordon Ramsay clearly still hasn’t learned his lesson seeing as he’s landed himself in yet another controversy just weeks later.

Ramsay’s restaurant is going viral for all the wrong reasons once again after a tweet picturing their “White Geisha” cocktail began circulating on Twitter. According to the Lucky Cat website, the cocktail is, “a heady mixture of Vodka, sake syrup, yuzu and egg white with a portrait of a Geisha on top.”

Gordon Ramsay Upset After Asian Critic Basically Calls His ‘Authentic Asian’ Restaurant Trash

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has recently taken to Instagram to berate an Asian critic who described his “authentic Asian” restaurant as a “kitchen nightmare.”

Food columnist Angela Hui attended the preview night for Ramsay’s “Asian Eating House” concept called the Lucky Cat and dished out some unflattering remarks about the event in her article on Eater.

Gordon Ramsay Wants to Tell Ethnic Cultures How to Cook Their Own Food in New Show

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s upcoming television show has already generated quite a controversy even before its production.

Last week, National Geographic announced the new show called “Uncharted” which will take Ramsay to different parts of the globe “discovering the undiscovered,” a fancy way of saying “Columbusing dishes from different cultures.”