Comedian Uncle Roger Rates Gordon Ramsay’s Indonesian Egg Fried Rice

Comedian Uncle Roger Rates Gordon Ramsay’s Indonesian Egg Fried RiceComedian Uncle Roger Rates Gordon Ramsay’s Indonesian Egg Fried Rice
Uncle Roger, a character created by U.K.-based Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, approves of famed British chef Gordon Ramsay’s way of cooking egg fried rice.
Surprising approval: Ramsay received quite the approval from Uncle Roger in his latest egg fried rice review video, which was posted over the weekend.
  • Uncle Roger typically bemoans the first few steps taken by British chefs before, but the 53-year-old Ramsay got it right from the get-go by using leftover rice for his dish.
  • Surprised by what he heard, Uncle Roger gave Ramsay his nod of approval.
  • The chef also used the proper term for his Indonesian fried rice, which is nasi goreng, in the video Ramsay posted at the beginning of September.
  • Uncle Roger admitted he liked it when Ramsay cooked the dish outside, even though he poked fun at it in the beginning.
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  • “Actually, I like that Gordon cooking outside,” he said in his stereotypical Chinese-Malaysian accent. “Many Asian people, we have two kitchen. Outside kitchen and we have indoor kitchen,” he added, explaining the indoor one is only used to impress guests.
  • “If guests come, we go indoor kitchen, chop mango, that’s it,” Uncle Roger said. “But if we use outside kitchen, then when you know real food coming. If you go visit some Asian people house and they only make food for you with inside kitchen, they don’t like you,” he joked, adding, “Go away. They want you to f**k off.”
  • Uncle Roger was also impressed that Ramsay uses and knows his ingredients, including galangal, a member of the ginger family. Although this may have a similar appearance to ginger, they differ in taste as galangal has a sharp citrus and pine flavor, while ginger is fresh and pungently spicy but barely sweet, according to The Kitchn.
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  • What really surprised Uncle Roger was how Ramsay used two woks to cook his Indonesian fried rice.
  • To make the dish complete, Ramsay added sambal, an Indonesian chili paste, and rendang, an Indonesian spicy meat dish.
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Not the first British chef: Uncle Roger gained worldwide fame when he reviewed BBC Food chef Hersha Patel in July.
  • Ng’s video review went viral and prompted the two stars to team up together for a collaboration YouTube video in August where Uncle Roger dropped by Patel’s home to watch her make egg fried rice in front of him, while adding quips of his own.
  • After the viral video, Uncle Roger moved on to his next focus: British chef Jamie Oliver.
The video, which has received over 2.8 million views on YouTube, was well received by Ramsay. The chef poked fun at Oliver on Twitter for using chili jam when he made his egg fried rice.
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