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Reports: CEO who fired over 900 employees via single Zoom call has history of fraud, mistreating workers Chief Executive Officer Vishal Garg, who is currently making headlines after firing over 900 people before the holidays, has a history of fraud, mishandling finances and mistreating employees, according to reports.

The rundown: Garg, who founded in 2016, fired more than 900 employees in a Zoom call last Wednesday. The number represented 9% of the mortgage company’s workforce, according to CNN.

Japanese Man Arrested for Tricking 35 Girlfriends to Give Him Gifts for Fake Birthdays

A man in Japan allegedly dated 35 women at the same time just to manipulate them into giving him lavish gifts for made-up birthdays.

Takashi Miyagawa, 39, reportedly pretended to be in serious relationships with women before defrauding them of items worth a combined total of 100,000 Japanese Yen (roughly $925). The gifts varied from electronics to clothing, including an almost $280 suit, according to The Independent. 

Chinese Mom Pays $400,000 to Get Son Into UCLA as a Fake Soccer Player


A Chinese mother from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada was arrested for bribery to get her son into the University of California, Los Angeles as a fake soccer player.

According to the indictment unsealed by the federal court in Boston on Tuesday, 48-year-old mother Xiaoning Sui was arrested in Spain and has been charged with “one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.”

Fake California Pastors Scam Vietnamese Churchgoers Out of $25 Million

A pair of “pastors” who operated a “virtual church” that allegedly scammed millions of dollars from Vietnamese worshipers is now under investigation.

Kent R.E. Whitney, 37, and David Lee Parrish, 47, are being accused of defrauding hundreds of Vietnamese investors out of $25 million in their Church for the Healthy Self, located at a strip mall in Westminster, California.

Malaysian Man Who ‘Lost’ His iPhone Every Year for 5 Years A‌rre‌ste‌d By P‌oli‌c‌e

phone scam

A Malaysian man who suspiciously ‘loses’ his iPhone every year was recently ar‌res‌t‌ed after local aut‌hor‌itie‌s uncovered his fraud‌ulent money-making scheme.

The 34-year-old marketing manager from Bukit Mertajam in Penang had reportedly been making false p‌oli‌ce reports that his iPhone gets ‘st‌ole‌n’ to claim insurance money.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the unnamed suspect has been filing his fake complaints since 2013. His most recent attempt got the attention of inve‌stig‌ators on Saturday.

Thai Woman’s Fake Trip to Japan Scam Leaves 2,000 Customers Stranded at Bangkok Airport

Thia police have arrested Pasit Arinchayapit who allegedly scammed thousands of tourists by promising a trip to Japan for the Songkran Festival and left them stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand.

Police also detained Pasit’s mother and relatives, all of whom were unidentified, at a department store in the southern province of Ranong on Wednesday, according to AsiaOne.