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Foreigners Are Reportedly Facing Racism and Xenophobia in China

Expatriate communities and foreigners in mainland China are experiencing discrimination while the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world.

In a series of cartoons posted to a WeChat blog 锦鲤青年 (Koi Youth jǐnlǐ qīngnián), which has since been deleted, foreigners were thrown into garbage bins to be sorted and disinfected by people in hazmat suits for the offenses they’ve allegedly committed.

Foreigners Say Japanese People Sound ‘Like a Pig’ and ‘Toilet Flushing’ When They Slurp Noodles

Foreigners apparently find the noodle slurping custom in Japan to be quite disturbing that some have even expressed that the sound would put them off from sitting next to someone.

In a morning Japanese news show “Tokudane!” via Matome Naver, the hosts talk about “noodle harassment,” or as they call it in Japan nuuhara, which is short for nuudoru harasumento.

Female Tourist Exposes Privates in a Tasteless Temple Photo in Bangkok

Yet another foreign woman has sparked outrage on Thai social media after posing for a photo with her privates exposed at a temple considered to be among Thailand’s holiest sites.

Netizens are reportedly unhappy about the now-viral image where an unnamed woman is seen climbing up a ledge at Bangkok’s Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and then resting her bare feet on it.

Drunk Foreigners Try Walking Out on $100 Tab in Thailand, Try to Haggle When Caught

An intoxicated foreign woman was caught on video causing a scene at Jungceylon shopping mall in Phuket, Thailand, after allegedly dining and dashing along with her two male companions.

In the video, shared on a Thai Facebook group on Jan. 2 by user Kanittha Messa Jaojankaew, the woman can be seen whining and complaining as well as threatening to punch one of the mall employees as the staff tries to confront her group.