Drunk Foreigners Try Walking Out on $100 Tab in Thailand, Try to Haggle When Caught

Drunk Foreigners Try Walking Out on $100 Tab in Thailand, Try to Haggle When CaughtDrunk Foreigners Try Walking Out on $100 Tab in Thailand, Try to Haggle When Caught
An intoxicated foreign woman was caught on video causing a scene at Jungceylon shopping mall in Phuket, Thailand, after allegedly dining and dashing along with her two male companions.
In the video, shared on a Thai Facebook group on Jan. 2 by user Kanittha Messa Jaojankaew, the woman can be seen whining and complaining as well as threatening to punch one of the mall employees as the staff tries to confront her group.
I don’t know where they’re from, but they deserve a good kicking. They ate at Fuji Japanese restaurant in Patong. They were drunk and refused to pay up. The Fuji employee followed her with a bill. So rude, this farang. She even threatened to hurt the security guard,” Jaojankaew wrote, as translated by Coconut Bangkok.
The group allegedly fled Fuji, a Japanese chain restaurant branch inside the mall, after they received the bill, which totaled 3,200 Thai baht ($99). They were immediately chased by the staff and confronted for fleeing without paying for their meal.
Screenshot via Facebook
Instead of paying for the bill, one of the men in the group tried to negotiate with a male employee to lower the price to 1,000 Thai baht ($31). The employee, however, denied his request and can be heard saying “cannot.”
The man continued to haggle the employee by offering to pay the bill for 2,800 Thai baht ($86).
Screenshot via Facebook
While the man was busy talking his way out of paying the bill, the woman can be heard yelling and threatening a security guard.
Police no! The police will leave me,” the woman said. “Can you understand prison? Then you let us go!”
Screenshot via Facebook
No way! If you want this, yes, boom!” she said as she makes a fist at the female employee, appearing to make a motion that she would beat her up. Luckily, the man in the green shorts — believed to be her boyfriend or husband — was there to calm her down.
Screenshot via Facebook
The names of the woman and her two male companions or where they all come from were not revealed. But one of the men reportedly agreed to pay the bill for 3,000 Thai baht ($93).
Screenshot via Facebook
After the whole ordeal, the woman can be seen hugging the man in green shorts and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
Screenshot via Facebook
Last year, a British mother had a rather unforgettable experience when she was chased by a Nepalese woman after she tried to haggle a 150 Nepalese Rupees ($1.50) tea during a trek in the Annapurna mountain range north-central of the country.
Featured Images via Facebook / Kanittha Messa Jaojankaew
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