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Asian comedian says he’s ‘all for’ being fetishized, women of color TikTokers respond

Asian men fetish

Comedian Mike Kim is causing a stir online after sharing his excitement for the fetishization of Asian men following a time when “nobody wanted us.” 

In a video posted to TikTok last week, Kim says the rise of popularity with K-dramas and anime have shifted perceptions of Asian men from undesirable to the point where now, “everybody wants a piece of us.”  

Asian American Model Shows How White People Fetishize Asians in Viral TikTok Video

A young Asian American model has found fame on TikTok after posting a tongue-in-cheek video that highlights one struggle he faces when dating White people.

Abe Kim, a college junior, addressed the romantic and/or sexual fetishization of Asians, a controversial concept that has gone down in history through more popular terms such as “rice chasing” and “yellow fever.”

Dear Men With Yellow Fever, You Aren’t Flattering, Just a Little Rapey

If Asian women were given a penny for every time a yellow-fevered, misogynistic white boy talked about his fetish on the internet, we’d all be filthy rich by now. Twitter is practically a feeding ground for these types of men nowadays. They’ve formed their own communities of bored, sexist men with racial fetishes and defend each other’s actions online, hiding behind anonymous accounts — how noble.

God I love asian women so much.

Disgusting Dating Site Teaches Creepy White Guys How to Land an Asian Woman

Recently, I came across the following video browsing around YouTube.

I don’t think I need to explain why this video itself is problematic. Not only does it blatantly play on stereotypes of Asian women, but the “advice” it gives is very clearly designed for one creepy, older and fetish hungry group of guys. The YouTube channel features tons of similar videos, all of which are designed to set Asian women back to being the obedient and submissive objects of centuries past.