Disgusting Dating Site Teaches Creepy White Guys How to Land an Asian Woman

Disgusting Dating Site Teaches Creepy White Guys How to Land an Asian Woman

February 1, 2017
Recently, I came across the following video browsing around YouTube.
I don’t think I need to explain why this video itself is problematic. Not only does it blatantly play on stereotypes of Asian women, but the “advice” it gives is very clearly designed for one creepy, older and fetish hungry group of guys. The YouTube channel features tons of similar videos, all of which are designed to set Asian women back to being the obedient and submissive objects of centuries past.
The videos promote AsianDate.com, a popular dating site that claims to have been around since 1993, according to their Facebook page. Their homepage immediately makes it clear who their target demographic is.
But that’s not the even the greatest problem with the site. Asian women have a right to date whomever they choose, regardless of skin color, but the way they market the site by using videos that perpetuate Asian female stereotypes is not only creepy, but misogynistic. Take a look at these gems from their video titled “What men do Asian women prefer?
Yes, lets generalize ALL Asian women and assume they all like furry pink Hello Kitty purses.
Because everyone knows the key to any Asian woman’s heart is a meaningless “I love you,” or if you’re feeling bold, a simple “Let’s fuck” would do.
There also appears to be some very happy customers too! Check out these middle-aged white guys who’ve bagged their very own Asians.
Yes! Let YuHan perform for you — because Asian women are nothing but objects of entertainment.
How popular is this dating site, you ask? SimilarWeb estimates that AsianDate.com gets between 1.8 million to 3 million hits a month. Perhaps the most disturbing, albeit unsurprising, part about this is that there’s clearly a demand for white guys who want to satisfy their Asian fetish.
Well, here’s our message to you from the awesome Anna Akana:
      Max Chang

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