Japanese Fetish Brand’s New Sailor Swim Suits Will Knock Your Pervy Socks Off

Japanese Fetish Brand’s New Sailor Swim Suits Will Knock Your Pervy Socks Off
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
February 6, 2017
Japanese sailor uniforms are usually worn at schools and cosplay events, but fetish design brand School Fiction has taken it to another level with two new designs that combine swimwear and schoolgirl styles.
The iconic sailor suit has been growing in popularity as a fetish item in the kawaii (or cute) style genre, according to Tokyo Girls Update.
School Fiction features a sailor suit top, which is sold separately for 6,500 yen ($57.87) or as part of a set for 18,000 yen ($161.15), and it attaches to the costume with a pretty little bow at the back.
The one-piece part of the swimsuit features a design that exposes the back, along with a small ribbon for decorative detail.
School Fiction’s swimsuit is available in two colors: blue-and-white with blue ribbons, and black-and-white with bright red ribbons.
It also features white stripes on the front and some white frills sewn at the top of the thigh area.
To top the design off, both sailor swimsuits have a clip at the top, which can also be found on actual schoolgirl outfits, according to RocketNews24.
The new sailor swimsuits are available for purchase at Japanese retail stores such as Village Vanguard, and online from costume designer Moira Kuchikaseya’s website Moira Design.
Other costumes created by Kuchikaseya include maid swimsuits and school training wear dresses.
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