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Fat-Shaming ‘Social Media Strategist’ in The Philippines Immediately Gets Shut Down By Netizens

A “social media strategist” from the Philippines may need to re-strategize how he writes his social media posts after receiving some fiery criticism over his recent “fat-shaming” post.  

Franco Mabanta, whose most notable client is Bongbong Marcos (son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos), proclaimed in a now-deleted Facebook post that he was 100% in favor of humiliating fat people.

Why Chinese Relatives Fat Shame You at Every Family Gathering

If you’re an American-born Chinese like me, you dreaded greeting your relatives at holiday parties. It’s not because you dislike them, but because without hesitation or batting an eyelash, they would all comment about how fat you’ve gotten (fat shame, anyone?). To a Westerner like me, this would be a massive uncalled-for insult. Baffled and shocked, I would feel humiliated and resign to an awkward silence. However, to a Chinese native, this is as common as commenting that you got a haircut or a new sweater.

The fact of the matter is that commenting on your appearance isn’t a social taboo in China as it is in America. Being called fat isn’t exactly a compliment or an insult, but more of a statement or observation.

Asian-Americans Seen as ‘More American’ If They Are Fat, Study Finds

 New research published in Psychological Science has found that people view Asian-Americans who are overweight to be more “American,” making them less prone to racial discrimination.

In the study, images of people from various races, and of different body shapes, were shown to the participants. They were then quizzed about the subjects’ nationalities.

Shanghai’s ‘Fattest Woman’ Undergoes Incredible Weight Loss Surgery to Find Love

Zhu Min, Shanghai’s fattest woman, has recently undergone an operation that would soon result in the reduction of most of her unwanted weight. Afterwards, she is hoping to get back into the dating scene within a few months.

Zhu’s doctors at the Shanghai Pudong Hospital performed a procedure called Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing surgery (SIPS) to limit the amount of fat that her body could take in, reports NetEase (via Shanghaiist). The SIPS surgery, commonly referred to as a sleeve gastrectomy, is a procedure that restricts the small intestines and the bowel to reduce the amount of calories absorbed by the body.

 Woman Says ‘Feeling Fat’ is Not a Feeling, Forces Facebook to Remove ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoji

Catherine Weingarten (pictured above) didn’t appreciate seeing a chubby-cheeked, double-chinned emoji on a friend’s status update on Facebook. Having struggled with an eating disorder for years, that post made her angry, so she decided to do something about it.

She took to and gathered over 16,000 “feeling fat” protesters, and Facebook has obliged them. Here’s what Weingarten said in her post: