Chinese Woman Threatens to Send Ex-Boyfriend Soap Made From Her Own Liposuctioned Fat

A Chinese woman said she plans to send a bar of soap made from her fat to her ex-boyfriend’s mom for revenge.
The woman, under the screen name “Xiao Xiao loves beauty and eating,” posted her intentions along with a picture of a bar of a soap on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, on Jan. 7, reports the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).
Reportedly from Zhengzhou city in the mainland’s Henan Province, the woman claimed her boyfriend broke up with her because she was overweight and that she has since undergone liposuction.
In her Jan. 7 post, which has since gone viral with received over 5,500 shares and 4,500 comments, the woman wrote:
“Yang Xiaolei, do you still remember last Spring Festival? Since [I] can’t accompany you to go home this year, I used my own fat to make a soap and give it to your mother for bathing. Spring Festival is the time to give a gift to those low-class men who judge women by appearance.”
According to What’s On Weibo, the woman also posted a screenshot of a text message she received from her ex that read:
“Why are you making me look bad on the Internet?! It was already over between us, you didn’t need to go to the hospital to suck out fat and disgust me! Damn, do I judge people solely by their appearances? You didn’t need to disgust my mum, or what? Fuck you bitch!”
She replied in a message underneath the screenshot:
“You said I was fat. I’m sending your entire family some soap, believe it or not!”
Whether the woman actually had the soap made from her fat and if she has sent it has not been reported.
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