Morbidly Obese Chinese Man Needs 16 Workers to Help Him After Falling on the Sidewalk

Morbidly Obese Chinese Man Needs 16 Workers to Help Him After Falling on the SidewalkMorbidly Obese Chinese Man Needs 16 Workers to Help Him After Falling on the Sidewalk
A morbidly obese man recently created a massive commotion in the middle of a busy sidewalk in China after accidentally slipping and falling on his butt.
For almost 2 hours, a group of rescuers worked together to help 27-year-old Xiao Huang stand back up, reported Shanghaiist.
Considered to be Wuhan’s fattest resident, Xiao Huang developed his weight problem around 7 years ago, when his weight ballooned to over 440 lbs. 
Due to his obesity, it has been difficult for him to land a job. As a result, he has been unemployed and has spent his time just playing computer games at home. His parents have been searching for a weight loss solution over the years, bringing him to hospitals and health specialists. So far, none of what they’ve tried has worked.
When Xiao Huang reached his heaviest at over 485 lbs, his parents decided that enough was enough and placed him on a strict diet. Since the start of the Chinese New Year, Xiao Huang has been eating mainly light snacks and water, sometimes even choosing to skip meals. His new diet, however, has caused him to lose his energy and strength. He also has experienced getting dizzy frequently.
More recently, he accidentally fell in the bathroom and local police officers were called in for help. He would later be admitted to a hospital for treatment. On Monday, fresh from being released from the hospital, he again lost his balance as his mother was walking him to a taxi.
Curious people began gathering around the fallen Xiao Huang as he was unable to stand back up.
Responding to his mother’s emergency call, two police officers arrived. While they both tried with all their might, the pair still couldn’t get Xiao Huang to stand up. Even after calling for backup, the rescuers, with now seven people, still failed in getting him back on his feet.
An hour later, six firefighters and 10 medical workers arrived to help, trying out every possible means to get him to budge. By that time, Xiao Huang had gone numb and all progress to prop him back up failed.
The firefighters them came up with the last ditch solution of rolling the poor fellow into a wide board wrapped in hospital bed sheets. A dozen people then lifted him on the hospital bed. The entire rescue took about two hours. Soon after another brief trip to the hospital, Xiao Huang was finally sent home.
Doctors have suggested that due to his condition of not being able to exercise, surgery may offer some much-needed relief.
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