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Woman Details Chilling S‌exu‌al Har‌a‌ss‌m‌ent Encounter With IKEA Employee in Amsterdam

A woman who left the U.S. to fulfill her 20-year-long dream of living in Europe allegedly became the helpless victim of se‌‌x‌‌u‌‌a‌l har‌ass‌me‌nt just three days after she moved to the Netherlands.

Stephanie Soong, originally from San Francisco, recalled the events of the chilling encounter in a Facebook post on June 12. She was receiving heavy pieces of furniture from a four-man team of IKEA employees in her new Amsterdam home.

Wooden Chinese Toilet Seats Are Now Top Selling Items Online in the U.S. and Europe

Wooden toilet seats are now becoming top selling items in both the European and United States markets. In fact, this item is making a huge splash with millions of sets being sold annually.

Over two million wooden toilet seats are being ordered in Europe every year, according to the report from Shanghai Expat. Furthermore, 80% of the sales come from the Switzerland and Germany. U.S. consumers, meanwhile, only purchase 200,000 sets of wooden seats each year.

China and Europe are Teaming Up to Build a Base on the Moon

Chinese and European space agencies may be collaborating to construct a possible moon base. The announcement was first confirmed by secretary general of China’s space agency, Tian Yulong and verified verified by European Space Agency spokesperson, Pal Hvistendahl.

Hvistendahl explained that in order to explore space peacefully, it will require international cooperation, which explains the team up with the Chinese agency.

BREXIT: Explained With Pictures of Cats

After World War II, the strongest countries in Europe banded together to help each other rebuild their economies and ensure that such a terrible war could never happen again. The European Union was formed, grew to have 28 members, and together they would help each other solve problems to create a fair, united and prosperous Europe.

The countries with the biggest economies, like Germany, France and the U.K., would help smaller countries suffering from hard times like Italy, Spain and Greece. There were A LOT of money problems, but people knew that they could only be solved together, not divided.

Here’s a Breakdown of What Brexit is and What it Means for the U.K., European Union

On Thursday, June 23, the people of Britain voted for their country to leave the European Union (EU), otherwise  known as “Brexit.” More than 30 million people voted, and those in favor won by a narrow margin of 52% to 48%, signalling the beginning of what may be the disintegration of one of the world’s largest economic alliances.

Formed after World War II, the EU was created as a pact of economic unity between Germany and France. Ultimately more European countries joined in the later decades, including the United Kingdom, for a total of 28 members.

Dogs May Have Been Domesticated Twice, According to New Finding

The debate over whether dogs were domesticated in Europe or Asia may finally be resolved after all these years.

Researchers recently found the remains of a 5,000-year-old dog in Ireland, suggesting dogs could have been domesticated twice, including once in Asia and another time in Europe or the Near East. According to Science, the bone of the 5,000-year-old dog was a game-changer in the debate.

This Country’s Passport is Now the Most Powerful in the World

We used to think that the most powerful passport to have in the world was that of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, but in 2016, things have changed.

A new index released Wednesday by the British immigration and citizenship firm Henley & Partners reveals that German passports are now the strongest in the world and grants visa-free access to 177 countries.

All Supermarkets in France Are Now Required to Give Unsold Food to the Needy

The French government enacted a law on Wednesday making it mandatory for supermarkets in France to donate unwanted food to food banks or charities.

The petition was launched by local councilman Arash Derambarsh and was unanimously passed by the country’s senate, reports the Independent. The effort was reportedly campaigned by anti-poverty groups who were opposed to food waste. These groups are now hoping the rest of the EU follows suit with a similar law.

Angry Mob Tries to Strip Air France Execs Naked Because They Plan to Layoff 2,900 People

Yesterday, Air France executives were brutally mauled outside of Charles De Gaulle Airport after finishing a meeting that finalized a reconstruction plan that will result in 2,900 layoffs company-wide by the end of 2017.  

While Air France President Frédéric Gagey escaped unharmed, the deputy head of human resources at the company, Xavier Broseta, and another executive were forced to fight through a crowd of several hundred angry employees to get to safety, according to the Guardian.

The Fanciest McDonald’s in the World Just Opened in Rotterdam

Perhaps what can be considered as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world now stands where “the ugliest building in Rotterdam” used to be.

The newly designed McDonald’s building is nestled on one of the city’s most popular shopping streets in Coolsingel in a spot that has been occupied by McDonald’s for 45 years. Residents in Rotterdam had voted the building the ugliest in their city, and the city council was itching to demolish it. However, the popular fast food chain still had 40 years on their lease and thus decided to give their restaurant a new makeover.