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Federal Agent Admits to Falsely Accusing Tennessee Professor of Being a Chinese Spy

In an ongoing trial in Knoxville, Tenn., last week, FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku admitted federal agents had falsely accused former University of Tennessee associate professor Dr. Anming Hu of being a spy for the Chinese government.

Trial details: During the trial, Sadiku said he did not read nearly every document used by federal prosecutors as proof against Hu, adding that he does not remember the contents of some of them, according to Knoxville News Sentinel.

U.S. Planning to Expel Chinese Grad Students With Military Ties


In an apparent move to intercept suspected scientific and technological espionage, American officials are reportedly planning to expel Chinese graduate students with links to the Chinese military.

Estimates show that at least 3,000 students will see their visas canceled — a fraction of the 360,000 Chinese nationals studying in the U.S. — effectively halting projects that they could be working on, according to The New York Times.

Chinese-Born American Jailed in Iran for Allegedly Being a U.S. Spy

A Chinese-born American graduate student at Princeton University, who was arrested in Iran last year on allegations of espionage, has been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Xiyue Wang was conducting research on the Qajar dynasty for his Ph.D. in August 2016 when he was arrested. The 37-year-old was said to be merely looking into the cultural history of Iran as his field of study of late 19th and 20th-century Eurasian history, according to The Guardian.