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TikTok Star Can Turn Tablecloths Into Incredible Party Dresses in Seconds

A TikTok user is gaining more followers by the minute thanks to her ability to turn large swaths of cloth into elegant party dresses in a matter of seconds.

The rising star, who goes by the username @lisagud5 on the platform, executes her transformations with unbelievable precision that anyone seeing them for the very first time might estimate each to come with a hefty price tag.

Constance Wu’s Yellow Dress at the Oscars Has an Emotional Meaning For Asians

Last Sunday, “Crazy Rich Asians” star Constance Wu turned heads on the Oscars red carpet, looking like an absolute queen in her custom-made Versace tulle gown. While this choice of dress may look as if it was inspired by Belle’s classic yellow ball gown from “Beauty and the Beast,” the actress revealed the real inspiration behind the stunning gown in an Instagram post.

“I chose this color because it made me happy and also was inspired by @jonmchu ‘s moving letter to @coldplay about our movie’s closing song cover of ‘Yellow’ in @crazyrichasians,” she wrote.

Amazing Mom Makes the Same Dress Constance Wu Wore in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for Her Daughter

A Vietnamese-American mother is winning the hearts of many people including actress Constance Wu after a “Crazy Rich Asians”-inspired dress she made for her daughter went viral online.

Ha Truong, a Kansas-born daughter of Vietnamese refugees and wife of a Thai immigrant, was watching the “Crazy Rich Asians” trailer one day when she spotted the dress that Wu wore in a family gathering scene.

Nobel Prize Nominee Reveals How Neiman Marcus Refused to Sell Her a Dress Because She’s Asian

Amanda Nguyen, who drafted theSexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights,” shared a long social media post about how she was marginalized by a large clothing company despite being a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

The 27-year-old Asian-American founder of the Non-Government Organization Rise revealed in an Instagram post that Neiman Marcus staff refused to sell her a dress.

Chinese Online Seller Goes Above and Beyond to Show ‘Real Photos’ of His Dresses

An online seller, believed to be from China, took his sale to the next level by rocking some beautiful dresses for a customer who asked for “real” photos of his collection.

The photos of the evening gowns were originally posted to a closed Facebook group called ALIEXPRESS AND EBAY LOVERS by a user named Andreea Patriche, who said, “That moment when you ask the Chinese seller real pictures.”

Malaysian Beauty Queen Spices Up Miss Universe Pageant With Nasi Lemak Dress

Malaysia’s Miss Universe 2017 Candidate Samantha Katie James hopes to entice viewers with her sizzling dress that’s inspired by her country’s national dish. The 22-year-old beauty queen will certainly turn heads when she struts on the runway of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in Las Vegas on November 26 since she’ll be donning a dress that looks good enough to eat.

Fashion designer Brian Khoo is the man behind the beauty queen’s dress that’s adorned with ingredients of the Malaysian dish Nasi Lemak. According to StraitsTimes, Khoo explains the notion behind this unusual food-inspired dress saying, “My team and I wanted to give James something unique and iconic to wear at this year’s competition.”

Japanese Photographer Stuns Netizens By Creating a Real Dress Made of Water

Creating a dress made of water may require the aid of computers, but not for Japanese KAPPA_RYU, aptly named after a water imp, who uses practical effects to mold the liquid into the shape of a dress.

This photographer’s stunningly beautiful pictures did not require any digital wizardry, but only buckets of water. It did, however, take Kappa Ryu over a hundred attempts before he could capture the perfect shot, which was a three-person task, according to SoraNews24.