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Disney is offering a private jet tour to all 12 of its parks around the world for $110,000

  • Disney is offering a “bucket list adventure” that will take guests on a 24-day trip to all 12 Disney parks around the world on a private jet for a whopping $110,000.
  • The tour is limited to 75 spots, and guests will be taken on an Icelandair private jet accompanied by a private chef, three adventure guides and a physician.
  • Guests will also have an opportunity to visit popular tourist destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza and an exclusive Disney tour.
  • The trip will take place next year between July 9 and Aug. 1, and bookings begin next week.

Disney has officially announced a “bucket list adventure” that will see its guests who pay the whopping $110,000 price tag travel globally on a 24-day trip around all 12 Disney parks on a private jet.

The “Disney Parks Around The World – A Private Jet Adventure” will allow 75 Disneyphiles to travel around six different countries for 24 days on a trip that includes all 12 Disney theme parks. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit three popular tourist attractions: the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower. 

Chinese Billionaire Tries to Destroy Disney, Fails Miserably

Wang Jianlin, once China’s richest man, had some grand plans for the entertainment and tourism ventures of Dalian Wanda Group.

Just a year ago, the Chinese billionaire was boasting the vastness of his empire, challenging no less than Disney in a bid for theme park dominance in China. Wang then claimed that his theme parks were a “pack of wolves” that would soon devour the lone “tiger” of Disney’s $5.5 billion Shanghai Disneyland. 

China’s Most Lovable Olympian Heads to Shanghai Disneyland After Returning From Rio

After winning the hearts of everyone at the Rio Olympics, Chinese athlete Fu Yuanhui decided to take a much needed vacation by visiting the newly-opened Disneyland in Shanghai.

Fu documented her trip on Weibo, China’s equivalent for Twitter. She was instantly recognized by fans and didn’t mind meeting them herself. Fans expressed their excitement online after meeting the star athlete.

Shocking Video Shows How Uncivilized Chinese Tourists Behave at Shanghai Disneyland

Recently, YouTube vlogger Disney Dwayne and his friend Adrian visited the newly-opened Disneyland in Shanghai, China. While most of his experiences were positive, he couldn’t help but notice the antics of the notoriously “uncivilized” Chinese tourists around him, so he pulled out his camera and started filming.

“One thing you got to get used to is being pushed and shoved around here in Shanghai,” he says at the start of the video.

‘Uncivilized’ Chinese Guests Completely Trash Shanghai Disneyland During Opening Weekend

Some visitors of the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland were tagged as “uncivilized” by local media for their behavior during the theme park’s first few days of operations.

The park, which opened on June 16, maintained a steady stream of guests during its first weekend. Among the initial batch of guests, some were described as rowdy and participated in cutting in lines, leaving a trail of garbage and vandalizing park property, reported The Paper (via Shanghaiist).

Thousands of Tourists Have Already Trashed Shanghai’s Disneyland a Month Before Opening

Shanghai’s Disneyland doesn’t open for at least another month, but their opening of the metro station in May has received some unsurprising results from Chinese tourists.

Chinese social media platform Weibo has now been flooded with pictures of the devastating aftermath left by tourists visiting the station on the outer area of the resort.

You’ll Never Think of Doritos the Same Again After Learning How They Were Invented

Have you ever heard the story of “where” Doritos were invented? It’s not a story you’ll forget and it’ll leave you thinking “Only in America.”

Let’s go back to 1955 when Disneyland first opened. The founder of Frito-Lay got permission from Walt Disney to open up a Mexican, as Mexican as Disney would allow of course, themed restaurant in Frontierland. They called it “Casa de Fritos,” and Fritos were a main ingredient in most of their dishes.