Magical Disneyland Proposal Proves Fairytale Romance is Alive and Well

Magical Disneyland Proposal Proves Fairytale Romance is Alive and WellMagical Disneyland Proposal Proves Fairytale Romance is Alive and Well
Curran Wong went the extra mile when he proposed to his girlfriend, Shari Hakim, at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Hakim is a huge fan of anything Disney, which is why Disneyland was the perfect place for Wong to pop the question.
To make it even more romantic, he incorporated the two Disney movies she loved the most: “Aladdin” and “Up.”
“Shari went to Disneyland every year [growing up],” Wong told The Huffington Post. “In our eight years together, we’ve been through multiple annual passes. I knew what Disney meant to her, and that magic found its way to me.”
With the help of his friend Tim Gettys, the co-founder of YouTube channel Kinda Funny, Wong came up with a plan to give Hakim the proposal she would never forget.
Despite spending a lot of time planning the whole thing, they kept a low profile to make sure they wouldn’t get kicked out of the park.
To keep up the ruse, Gettys pretended he was shooting a rap video set in the theme park, and needed Hakim’s help for the project. But little did she know that she was actually the main feature.
Hakim was asked to stand in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle as Gettys handed her a phone to watch and listen to a video.
“On October 17, 2008, I asked you to take a leap of faith by taking my hand and trusting me,” Wong said in the video, which totally caught Hakim off guard. “So for the next few minutes I’ll need you to do just that.”
The video was from 2008, when Wong organized a live production of “Aladdin” with the help of Gettys — who played Genie — to ask Hakim to be his girlfriend.
“From the countless pictures of us in this very spot that line the walls of the house that we bought together to our furry loves that make it a home, it’s going to take quite a few balloons to take us where we need to go,” Wong continued, referencing the movie “Up”.
“It was only through the courage and strength of my friends that I believed I could fly and take you to a whole new world,” he said in the video.
Halfway through, Wong asked Hakim to look up, and that’s when she saw a group of their friends standing in front of her; their friend Danny handed her a handkerchief.
Others were hiding behind her, wearing shirts with balloons printed on them, referencing the same ones that carried Carl’s house to Paradise Falls in “Up.”
Both of their families showed up in front of Hakim, who was overcome with emotions.
For the final surprise, Wong asked Hakim to remove her headphones and turn around.
When she turned around, there was Wong waiting behind her, who got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.
She said yes!
Organizing the whole proposal proved to be quite difficult for them as some of the family members flew from Sacramento and San Francisco for the occasion. But Wong said it was all worth it after seeing her reaction.
“As each group approached her, you can see her break down more and more,” he told Huffington Post. “I could not be happier with the results. Every day since has been like waking up from a dream only to realize it’s reality. She’s cried tears of joy every night.”
Grab some tissues and watch the video below:
Images via YouTube / Kinda Funny
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