‘Uncivilized’ Chinese Guests Completely Trash Shanghai Disneyland During Opening Weekend

‘Uncivilized’ Chinese Guests Completely Trash Shanghai Disneyland During Opening Weekend‘Uncivilized’ Chinese Guests Completely Trash Shanghai Disneyland During Opening Weekend
Ryan General
June 20, 2016
Some visitors of the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland were tagged as “uncivilized” by local media for their behavior during the theme park’s first few days of operations.
The park, which opened on June 16, maintained a steady stream of guests during its first weekend. Among the initial batch of guests, some were described as rowdy and participated in cutting in lines, leaving a trail of garbage and vandalizing park property, reported The Paper (via Shanghaiist).
Photos of food wrappers, plastic bags, paper cups and other trash that littered the park grounds were shared on Chinese social media and local news sites. Local reporters even spotted a mom letting her child defecate in an open area of the park grounds instead of bringing him to a restroom.
The same behavior has been observed during the six-week trial opening period that began in May. The behavior of some tourists even led to the issuance of an etiquette guide by the local city government.
The six-point guideline directly asked park patrons to avoid littering, rowdiness, vandalism, cutting in lines, trampling on plants, and general “uncouth behavior.”
During the trial period visitors have complained of high food prices and the park being too crowded. Shanghaiist pointed out that Shanghai Disneyland has a visitor-to-washroom ratio of 4,500 to 1.
Shanghai Disneyland, a joint venture between Disney and China’s Shanghai Shendi Group, is the fourth Disney park built outside the U.S., following Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The billion-dollar themed resort features attractions like a “TRON” thrill ride, a “Pirates of the Caribbean” zone, recreational facilities, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle, the biggest Disney castle in the world.
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