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Asian American Students the Most Likely to Have Depression, Study Finds

asian american depression

A new study has found that Asian American college students experience a higher rate of depression than students of other racial backgrounds. 

Signs of depression: Published by the Journal of American College Health, the research found that college students of Asian heritage reported depression symptoms at a higher rate than those of European American and Hispanic origin. 

Viral Tweet on How a Japanese Mom Saved Her Son From Su‌‌ic‌‌i‌‌d‌‌e‌ Will Give You Feels

A Twitter user who goes by the handle name of @loveglasslip recently shared a story on how his Japanese mother saved him when he was about to co‌m‌m‌‌‌‌i‌t s‌uic‌‌id‌e by using an item he made when he was a child.

The Twitter user went on to tell his story, which happened while he was still attending school, according to SoraNews24.

Heartless Trolls Cheered for a S‌ex‌ual A‌ss‌au‌lt Vi‌cti‌m’s Livestream Sui‌c‌ide in China

Chinese social media was rocked last week after several photos and comments of people cheering and applauding the su‌ic‌id‌e of a female student from Qingyang in Gansu Province, China.

The woman, identified as Li Yi-yi, com‌mi‌tt‌ed s‌ui‌ci‌de by jumping from a high building on June 21, according to What’s On Weibo.

Dwayne Johnson Shares Heartfelt Experience with Battling Depression: ‘I Was Crying Constantly’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was crowned as the second highest paid actors in 2017 by Forbes, recently opened up about depression and how he “fought with that beast more than once.”

The 45-year-old actor spoke with Express last Sunday to promote his sci-fi film “Rampage,” which is set to come out in the United Kingdom this month. In his interview, the topic of depression was brought up.

Japanese Entrepreneur Uses Video Games to Fight Depression

A Japanese entrepreneur has imported a role-playing game from New Zealand to help patients suffering from depression.

According to Hikari Lab founder Ayako Shimizu, she first noticed how mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are perceived and dealt with more openly in other countries during her year-long stay in Australia. She found this to be much different than in her home country, as minor mental health problems still carry a stigma in Japan.

These Comics Brilliantly Capture What It’s Like to Live With Depression and Anxiety

Nick Seluk, a comic artist at The Awkward Yeti,  faithfully captured the experience of a person suffering from depression and anxiety disorders in a comic strip. His idea for the illustration came from a reader, Sarah Flanigan, who shared her story about battling with anxiety and depression. Comic artist Seluk told Upworthy:

“I’ve been through and seen depression and anxiety in action, and thought Sarah’s story was so perfectly simple. We all get sick physically and mentally, but we need to be open to talking (and laughing) about [it].”

The Billionaire Creator of ‘Minecraft’ Reveals the Depressing Side Effect of Success

Many people are set on the idea that money, fame and success will make them happy. Young entrepreneurs often think making it big means inventing a product people love and then selling it for billions. It’s easy to mistake such success with life satisfaction, but “Minecraft” founder Markus Persson reveals it isn’t what many people might imagine it to be.

Swedish video game programmer Markus Persson, also known as “Notch,” sold “Minecraft” to Microsoft neary a year ago for $2.5 billion. Instead of joining Microsoft after the sale, Persson went on to live in the lap of luxury. He purchased a $70 million Beverly Hills mansion equipped with a giant wall of dispensable candy, a 16-car garage and a huge infinity pool.