Teen Suffering From Depression Jumps from 25-Story Building, Kills Father Trying to Catch Her

Teen Suffering From Depression Jumps from 25-Story Building, Kills Father Trying to Catch Her
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 27, 2020
A heartbreaking incident in China ended the life of a father and his daughter following a tragic suicide attempt over the weekend.
Family tragedy: On Aug. 22, a 15-year-old girl jumped off the rooftop of a 25-story building in Sichuan, China, and then landed on her 42-year-old father who had tried to catch her, according to AsiaOne.
  • Before the jump, passersby who saw the girl on top of the building notified the local authorities who rushed to the scene. 
  • Rescue workers soon arrived but the girl jumped as they were setting up an inflatable safety life air pack for her.
  • Her father, who tried to break her fall, died along with her due to the impact.
  • The rescuers attempted to resuscitate them but were unable to. 
  • “Everyone knows that a flower pot falling from such a height can kill a person,” a witness was quoted as saying. “But it was his daughter falling from the building, he still tried to catch her regardless of the danger he was in.”
Online speculations: The incident, which remains under police investigations, sparked rumors on the reason for the girl’s actions after footage of it emerged on social media
  • Some Weibo users alleged that the suicide was caused by the girl’s unhappiness in the family over her grades in school.
  • Others claimed that the girl was upset due to the piano lessons she was taking.
  • Soon, the grieving family addressed the rumors and explained what actually happened.
  • According to the girl’s mother, the teenager was suffering from depression. 
  • She noted that her daughter had already been receiving treatment in the hospital.
  • The mother revealed that they had earlier discovered cuts on the girl’s arms, prompting them to seek professional help.
  • Both parents have been taking care of the teen since she was diagnosed with depression.
  • She then clarified that they bought their daughter a piano and signed her up for lessons after she had already expressed interest in it.
  • The deceased father, who worked in construction, was considered the “pillar of the family,” according to his son.
  • “What my father did was very selfless,” he said.
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