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Boxer Amir Khan says ‘appalling diets’ and excuses hold Asian athletes back: ‘We don’t have it in us’

Amir Khan farewell conference comment
  • Former British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, 35, claimed that Asians “can’t make it in boxing” because of excuses and their diets.
  • Khan rose to fame after winning silver in the lightweight division at the 2004 Athens Olympics when he was a 17-year-old amateur boxer. He went professional a year later and has 40 matches under his belt.
  • During his farewell press conference on Monday, the former athlete declared that there are “no Asian footballers” since aspiring Asian athletes supposedly think, “We won’t get picked because we’re Asian.”
  • He went on to proclaim that Asians “are not really meant to be fighters” and are “not supposed to be good sportsmen and women.”
  • “Our diet is appalling,” he claimed. “It’s curries. It’s not the right diet to be a champion. If you put us against a lot of English fighters their diet is a lot better. They’re stronger than us.”

Former British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan claimed that Asians “can’t make it in boxing” because of excuses and their diets.

Khan, 35, held a farewell press conference on Monday, three days after announcing his retirement on Twitter. During the event, the former athlete commented on how several Asian boxers have turned to him as a source of inspiration after he became a trailblazer for South Asian boxers in Britain. 

‘Delete this right now’: New York Times’ Singaporean Chicken Curry dish savaged online

nyt singapore chicken curry
  • A “Singaporean chicken curry” video posted to Instagram by New York Times Cooking has sparked online fervor because of the curry’s apparently less-than-appealing appearance.
  • In the video, posted Tuesday, a writer prepares the curry according to a recipe by a Singaporean contributor, which is highly rated with four out of five stars on the New York Times Cooking website.
  • Unfortunately, the finished dish fails to match the vibrant colors or thick texture of the original recipe, with the watery brown result leading to comparisons to “drainage water.”

A video of “Singaporean chicken curry” created from a recipe published by New York Times Cooking has stirred online fervor, as the resulting curry’s appearance drew comparisons to “drainage water.”

The video, uploaded to New York Times Cooking’s Instagram on Tuesday, shows Taipei-based freelance journalist Clarissa Wei preparing one of the publication’s recipes for Singaporean Chicken Curry. 

‘Exotic’ Bird Being Treated by Vets is Actually a Seagull Covered in Curry

Veterinarians at an animal hospital recently had a rather peculiar encounter with what they thought was an “exotic” orange bird that was rescued by a passerby, only to find out that the poor animal was an ordinary seagull covered in Asian spice blends.

The incident happened on July 1 when a passerby spotted an orange-colored bird at the side of the A41 road in the United Kingdom, Mashable reported.

South Asians Hijacked Azealia Banks’ Racist Slurs and Shut Them Down in the Best Way

Countless women have taken to Twitter to declare that they are proud “curry scented bitches” after rapper Azealia Banks accused former One Direction member Zayn Malik of copying her ideas and attacked him with various homophobic and racial slurs.

When Banks saw Malik’s new music video “Like I Would,” she believed there was a striking resemblance between his outfit and the one she wore in her “Yung Rapunxel” music video. Zayn responded with tweets that appeared to be directed at Banks.