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Chinese Harvard student decides ‘not to learn English anymore’

  • A Chinese Harvard student has gone viral after sharing a video where she explains why she has decided to “stop trying to learn English.”
  • The video was uploaded as an assignment for her Language and Equity course.
  • The 24-year-old student explained that she did not feel satisfied throughout her 20-year journey of learning English.
  • Rather than pursuing English to secure a sense of belonging, the student is determined to use it as a “tool” instead.

A video of a Chinese Harvard student explaining why she has decided to “stop trying to learn English” has gone viral on Bilibili.

In the video uploaded on Thursday, 24-year-old Tatala shared her reasons behind why she no longer wishes to learn English. The video was submitted as an assignment for a Harvard Language and Equity course.

Suspects in attack of Chinese PhD student at UW-Madison not charged with hate crimes

  • Alijah C. Johnson, 19; Cashius E. Carter, 18; and Abdoulah C. Traore-Flores, 17, have been charged with multiple counts of battery and disorderly conduct for a series of attacks near the University of Wisconsin-Madison in June.
  • The group’s alleged victims include a 26-year-old Chinese Ph.D. student and a Chinese undergraduate student, who both suffered minor injuries.
  • University police and officials are not investigating the attacks as anti-Asian hate crimes as the suspects have also been accused of targeting White and Hispanic victims.
  • A 15-year-old suspect, who was arrested with the three older suspects, has not been charged.

A group of teen suspects accused of brutally attacking a Chinese doctorate student with the University of Wisconsin-Madison in June have not been charged with hate crimes.

The 26-year-old victim, who suffered minor injuries, recalled his traumatic experience along University Avenue on the night of June 14 in a Weibo post. He described coming across a group of men who surrounded him, struck him in the face, shoved him to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked him.

Parents of Chinese Student ‘Discriminated Against’ By Texas School Before Suicide Sue

Yan Yang

A flight training school in Texas is facing a lawsuit from the aggrieved family of a Chinese student who committed suicide after allegedly being mistreated at the institution.

Yan Yang, 21, was found dead on the morning of April 16, 2019, in his dormitory at the Denton-based U.S. Aviation Academy (USAA), also known as U.S. Aviation Group (USAG).

Fourth Person Found G‌ui‌lty in Br‌u‌ta‌l 2014 ‌M‌ur‌d‌er of Chinese USC Student Ji Xinran

Ji Xinran

A fourth person was found g‌ui‌lt‌y of the m‌u‌rde‌r of Ji Xinran, the 24-year-old Chinese graduate student beaten to d‌ea‌t‌h in Los Angeles four years ago.

Ji, who attended the University of Southern California, was walking home from a study group near the campus when four people a‌tta‌cke‌d him on June 24, 2014.

Chinese Exchange Student at Penn State University D‌i‌es in Horrific Car Cr‌as‌h

A 21-year-old Chinese exchange student studying at Pennsylvania State University d‌‌i‌e‌‌d in a horrific car cr‌as‌h after the vehicle he was driving hit a tree on a residential street.

The exchange student, identified as Tang Kaijing, was driving his white Chevrolet Corvette at around 4 a.m. on Saturday at the intersection of South Atherton Street and West Fairmont Avenue when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. , according to Alpha Fire Company who first responded to the accident.

Heartless Trolls Cheered for a S‌ex‌ual A‌ss‌au‌lt Vi‌cti‌m’s Livestream Sui‌c‌ide in China

Chinese social media was rocked last week after several photos and comments of people cheering and applauding the su‌ic‌id‌e of a female student from Qingyang in Gansu Province, China.

The woman, identified as Li Yi-yi, com‌mi‌tt‌ed s‌ui‌ci‌de by jumping from a high building on June 21, according to What’s On Weibo.

Dash-Cam Catches Mechanics Mocking Chinese Student’s Name in Canada

Two technicians from a car maintenance shop in Canada were recently fired from their jobs after being caught on dash-cam footage mocking a Chinese customer’s name.  

Shuai Yue, an international student from China, brought his car to Fountain Tire at 960 Pembina Highway on Friday for a seasonal tire swap and an oil change. He was shocked to find later in the dash-cam recordings that the technicians made fun of his name and his culture during the routine road test.