College Student in China Admits to Scratching Lexus, Gets Rewarded With Full Tuition

College Student in China Admits to Scratching Lexus, Gets Rewarded With Full TuitionCollege Student in China Admits to Scratching Lexus, Gets Rewarded With Full Tuition
Bryan Ke
September 21, 2017
One lucky college student from Yunnan Province, China, received a full financial support for her schooling after confessing how she accidentally scratched a parked Lexus car.
The touching moment happened earlier this month when 18-year-old Zhang, a first-year student Baoshan Academy School of Art and Design, went to a bank to deposit her pocket money.
However, as she was riding her scooter, she accidentally hit and scratched a parked Lexus ES 350 while busily looking at the signboard, World of Buzz reported.
Instead of running away from the incident, she went the extra mile to wait for the owner of the car — under the scorching sun for one hour — to apologize for what happened.
I was curious seeing a girl standing beside my car. She seemed to be in panic and scared when I first saw her. When I got to know that she waited under the hot sun for an hour, I was deeply touched. I told her that no compensation was needed,” the owner of the car said.
Upon hearing the response, Zhang immediately bowed her head and sincerely thanked the man. Soon, the two got into talking and it was revealed that Zhang is actually from a very poor family.
The heartwarming moment didn’t end there. The director of the company where the man worked heard what happened, and was incredibly touched by Zhang’s courage and honesty to own up to her mistake.
The scratched car was a Lexus, and it cost around 700,000 Yuan (approximately US$106,113). After inspection, the cost of repairing the car was set at 2,000 Yuan (around US$303),” the director said.
However, the girl’s family wasn’t financially well off and it’d be rubbing salt on their wound if we asked her to pay up. So, not only should we not ask her to pay, we should help her to complete her college education.”
Zhang, even after the incident and through SMS, continued to thank the man for not charging her for the damage.
I’m so grateful to you for today. I’m an adult, and I recognize the responsibility that comes with that. I still haven’t told my family what happened. My parents are uneducated and from the countryside. They wouldn’t understand. I fear that if I told them they would only be anxious. Thanks so much for your leniency,” she wrote in a text message to the man, according to Shanghaiist.
Your actions explain everything. Wishing you a happy and enriching life in college,” the man wrote back.
Aside from the full college tuition support, Zhang was also offered a position at the company where the man is currently working. Not only is her education secured, but her career after that is already set.
Zhang totally deserves all of this as she is a great example for future generations. It only goes to show that honesty and the courage to admit your fault will go a long way.
Featured Image via Pear Video (Left), Sinchew (Right)
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