Chinese Student Caught Doing Her Homework on the Back of a Moving Motorcycle

Chinese Student Caught Doing Her Homework on the Back of a Moving Motorcycle
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
March 8, 2018
A video showing a diligent Chinese student doing her homework on the back of a motorcycle has gone viral on social media.
The short clip, which is currently being circulated by Pear Video on Weibo, was taken in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China located near the Vietnam border.
In the video, the amazing girl can be seen balancing herself on the moving vehicle, while managing to keep focus on writing or studying her lessons. She uses the motorcycle’s luggage compartment as a makeshift desk for her books.
Some viewers could not believe what they were watching.
She’s doing her homework, that’s a bit strict,” the man behind the camera can be heard saying as the bike swerves through traffic, according to Coconuts Hong Kong.
It’s unclear when the video was taken, unfortunately.
However, while some people were really surprised by her concentration, others couldn’t help but be worried for her safety. One commenter said that the stunt looked really dangerous, and another person wrote, “homework is important, but safety comes first.”
Her dedication to her studies and excelling in academics is similar to the boy who does his homework everyday on a freeway overpass because his house is too dark or the boy who became an internet celebrity after pictures of him covered in frost went viral.
Images Screenshot via YouTube/全面娱乐
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