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Sacramento Couple Arrested After Trying to Run Over a Police Deputy With a Stolen Vehicle

Local authorities in California arrested a female driver and her male companion after they drove around the south area of Sacramento County in a stolen vehicle on Monday night.

The pair, identified as 29-year-old Donnell Chong and 40-year-old Eldon Campbell, were apprehended after hitting a local sheriff’s deputy in his patrol car and then leading police officers on a chase, local news KCRA reported.

Confused Chinese Tourists Lead Cops On a Car Chase, Didn’t Know They Had to Pull Over

A family of tourists from China inadvertently got themselves into a car chase with San Diego police officers after failing to recognize a signal and warning to pull over.

According to ABC10 News, the clueless family was breezing through the freeway in a Honda CR-V when they were chased down by the authorities on Interstate 8 in Mission Valley late Sunday evening.