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South Korea Passes New Law Banning Coffee in Schools

In a bid to prevent students from consuming too much caffeine, the South Korean government is set to introduce legislation banning the sale of coffee in schools across the country.

Once the ban is implemented, students, as well as teachers on school premises, will no longer be able to buy all types of caffeinated drinks. Energy drinks and other beverages with a high amount of caffeine have previously been banned in schools.

How a Jar of Peanut Butter Can Cure Your Hangovers

A few years ago three friends were discussing the idea of a possible cure for the dreaded hangover when they came up with the idea for a product called Steem, a caffeinated peanut butter.

Andrew Brach, Keith Barnofski and Chris Pettazzoni were discussing banana bread and peanut butter sandwiches topped with bacon as a hangover cure when they had the epiphany to combine caffeine with peanut butter, according to CNN Money.