How a Jar of Peanut Butter Can Cure Your Hangovers

A few years ago three friends were discussing the idea of a possible cure for the dreaded hangover when they came up with the idea for a product called Steem, a caffeinated peanut butter.
Andrew Brach, Keith Barnofski and Chris Pettazzoni were discussing banana bread and peanut butter sandwiches topped with bacon as a hangover cure when they had the epiphany to combine caffeine with peanut butter, according to CNN Money.
The trio approached Barnofski’s sous chef and devised a way to infuse caffeine into peanut butter by mixing green-coffee extract with natural agave sweetener.
The peanut butter took a solid two years of development to turn into a sellable product, but the three friends launched in 2014 and have so far sold over 6,000 jars.
The peanut butter is an all-natural product with no artificial sweeteners. Two tablespoons of Steem is equivalent to two cups of coffee, which can be beneficial to athletes, students and anyone else who want to make it through their 9 to 5 with an additional kick.
Steem is currently sold online for $4.99 and is also available at 14 different stores on the East Coast in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.
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