Japan Now Has A Caffeinated Coffee Butter

Japan Now Has A Caffeinated Coffee ButterJapan Now Has A Caffeinated Coffee Butter
Get a caffeine buzz and a tasty snack all in one thanks to Japan’s Snow Brand Coffee Soft, a butter-like spread that can be used on bread, toast, cakes and other treats.
The sweet and creamy new product is set to make its debut in stores across Japan on March 1 as part of the 55th anniversary of Megmilk Snow Brand Company’s coffee drink.
One of the largest dairy companies in the country, Megmilk Snow Brand is also known for its various butters, yogurts, cheeses and desserts, according to RocketNews24.
But nothing can top the popularity of its longest-running product, the Snow Brand Coffee, which was introduced in the early 1960s.
The company said that the caffeinated spread will retain the same flavor and smell of the original coffee drink.
The soft spread is also supposed to go well with croissants and pancakes, and can even be used to top off sponge cakes to give it a caffeine kick.
It might be a step up from the trend that started in 2014, when people just added butter to their morning coffee.
The new spread is set to retail for 230 yen (about $2).
Japan is big on drinking coffee.
It is the third largest importer with nearly 5 million vending machines and about 1,000 Starbucks stores offering these beverages (hot or iced) across the country, according to blogger Danny Choo over at Culture Japan.
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