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China May Start Paying Couples to Have Children

The Chinese government is looking into the possibility of providing financial incentives to encourage couples to have more children as the country faces a shrinking workforce due to its one-child policy.

China’s National Health Commission reportedly organized experts to look at the possibility of reducing the cost of having children in the country as well as rewarding parents depending on the number of children they have, according to The Paper via South China Morning Post.

Viral Video Shows Woman in China Giving Birth on the Street While Out Shopping

The video of a Chinese woman giving birth to her baby on the street while out grocery shopping is now going viral on the country’s social media.

The viral clip on Miaopai, China’s video sharing platform similar to YouTube, shows the unidentified woman in terrible pain as she stands beside the pedestrian walkway of a market place located in Yunfu in Guangdong Province, China.

Taiwanese Woman Allegedly Gave Birth on U.S.-Bound Flight To Get Citizenship For Her Baby

A former flight attendant for China Airlines has come forward with new details about the Taiwanese woman who gave birth on a plane en route to Los Angeles from Taipei.

The ex-attendant, Lucienne Chen, said the media painted the event as a heartwarming story, but the “miracle at 30,000 feet” was really, at least from Chen’s perspective, a tale of a deceitful woman who inconvenienced an entire plane and put her life as well as her child’s life in jeopardy to get American citizenship.