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Asian Women Share Their Most Awful Beauty Service Moments

asian beauty

When someone goes into a salon to get their makeup, hair, eyelashes, or other services done, it’s only right they’re expecting to come out feeling pampered and glamorous. Unfortunately in a society where western beauty is idolized and considered the norm, Asian clients sometimes encounter stylists who aren’t as well-versed in our features, or even worse, are just downright ignorant.

Here are some cringe-worthy experiences:

14 Bizarre Korean Beauty Products You Can Actually Find On Amazon

beauty products

Koreans know a thing or two about skin care and beauty products, but what makes Korean beauty really stand out has to be the bizarre ingredients as well as the equally strange packaging on the outside. 

Now that December is finally here, it’s officially the start of treat-yo-self season so why not gift yourself one of these weirdly adorable Korean beauty products to add to your collection?