Disturbing Chinese ‘Beauty’ Challenge Tests Whether a Girl’s Face is Skinny Enough

Another day, another trending Chinese “beauty” challenge.
Coming on the heels of the “iPhone 6 legs” challenge and the A4 test last month is another beauty test that involves a small inanimate object.
In order to prove their faces are petite enough, young women in China are uploading photos of themselves applying lipstick with their arm twisted behind their heads, according to Yahoo News.
Although the trend proves flexibility rather than face size, that reportedly isn’t stopping the Chinese internet from fueling the new test.
Previously, the iPhone 6 legs challenge had young women in China placing iPhone 6’s across the width of their knees to prove their legs were ideally skinny. The A4 test, meanwhile, had netizens holding a piece of paper against their waist to show off their thin waists.
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