LOONA’s JinSoul sparks controversy with alleged beauty comments about pale skin

LOONA’s JinSoul sparks controversy with alleged beauty comments about pale skinLOONA’s JinSoul sparks controversy with alleged beauty comments about pale skin
Daniel Anderson
September 21, 2022
LOONA member JinSoul has come under fire for alleged comments about wanting paler skin. 
JinSoul was communicating with fans on the Fab app when one of them messaged the idol saying, “Jinsoul is so pretty because her refreshing facial features contrast with her pale skin.”
The message managed to get a response from the idol: “I’m not pale… After this tour, I’ve gotten so tan… *crying sound*.”
JinSoul added, “So, I thought I would look pale if I dyed my hair black, right? I was looking forward to it … but I was wrong.”
She also explained that she researched various methods to remedy the tanning and get paler skin. 
Some netizens reacted to JinSoul’s comments in anger, accusing the artist of promoting the idea of paler, whiter skin being more attractive. Some pointed out that white skin was the norm of the Korean beauty industry and such ideals have been ingrained in many K-pop idols. Others were bothered by the fact that her comments came shortly after LOONA completed a world tour across North America and Europe, in which they met people of all different backgrounds and skin tones. 
“Like duh ofc pale skin is the standard in sk and idols r being held to that standard constantly. i rly do get it,” wrote one Twitter user. “But loona preaches diversity and empowerment and they literally JUST got back from a world tour where they were seeing so many fans of diff races n colors.”
“I’m not a fan of skin whitening but like… I don’t live in a society where it’s normalized,” wrote another. “JinSoul has a lot of international fans but at the end of the day she’s Korean and has to feel a lot of pressure to conform to that society’s standards.”
However, there were netizens who defended JinSoul saying what she chooses to do with her skin tone and body is her choice.
“Jinsoul didnt even look down on people with tan skin, she just said she doesn’t want it on herself. Her body, her choice,” one Twitter user wrote. “You’re also allowed to filter stuff that they say that doesn’t pertain to you. If it’s not about you, dont make it about you.”
“Imagine being so pressed because somebody on the other side of the world said that they like their OWN skin pale in a country where its society won’t accept you otherwise,” wrote another. “Leave jinsoul alone and get a life damn. go out, touch some grass and most importantly, stream LUMINOUS!”
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