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Singaporean ramen chain introduces ‘world’s first’ chilli crab matcha macchiato drinks

chilli crab
  • Takagi Ramen is launching their new chilli crab macchiato drink, made with “real chilli crab sauce,” on April 15 in their seven Singapore stores.
  • For S$5.90 (approximately $4.35), customers can choose a chilli crab matcha macchiato made with coconut milk or coconut water.

Takagi Ramen is launching their new chilli crab macchiato drink on April 15 in seven Singaporean stores. 

The night before April Fool’s Day, Takagi Ramen posted a dramatic making-of video of the experimental drink, in which the creators took many rounds to think up the unique combination of chili crab sauce and matcha.

‘Really delicious’: Bubble tea chain offers up boba tteokbokki drink for April Fool’s

Pearl Tteokbokki
  • “Pearl-Bokki” was featured as a limited edition item on Taiwanese boba chain The Alley’s April Fools’ menu sold at three South Korean locations.
  • The Alley mixed their special “Deerioca” pearls in traditional tteokbokki to make “Pearl-Bokki.”

Taiwanese boba chain The Alley created a boba tteokbokki drink in celebration of this past April Fools’ weekend.

From April 1st to April 3rd, customers were able to purchase “Pearl-Bokki” for 2,800 won (approximately $2.31) from the popular boba chain’s April Fool’s limited menu available at three South Korean locations: Garosu-gil, Goyang Starfield and Starfield Hanam.

These ‘Ramen Headphones’ are the April Fools Joke Everyone Wishes Was Real

Gaming peripheral manufacturer HyperX and instant ramen manufacturer Nissin Cup Noodles trolled the internet on Monday with the announcement of a “groundbreaking headphone specially designed to create the ultimate sensorial experience while eating Cup Noodles.”

Dubbed as the “HyperX Cup MIX-IN,” the fake device offers features such as premium memory foam ear pads, an expanded headband, and patent-pending Noodlette™, which reportedly “delivers the silky soft caress of ramen noodles to keep you gaming comfortably during those marathon gaming sessions.”

Japanese Bodybuilder Shocks Followers in Viral Transformation

A bodybuilder in Japan decided to shock his followers by showing a different side of himself in what became an epic April Fools prank. With the help of some makeup artists and a “pretty girl” filter, bodybuilder and entertainer Tatsuma Sugawara trolled his followers by uploading a video of himself in the “virgin-killing sweater”:

女装の動画です。 Crossdressing with makeup on. my april fool prank (this video) went viral on Twitter lol. #マッチョ29 #マッチョ #muscle #muscular #biceps #triceps #bodybuilder #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitnessmodel #makeup #kawaii #kawaiimuscle #化粧 #メイク #筋肉 #japanesemakeup #asianmakeup #crossdressing #crossdresser #prettymakeup #女装 #女装男子 #cute #pretty #virginkillersweater #trap #japanesegirl #asiangirl

The Chinese Government Condemns April Fool’s Day, Becomes the Biggest Joke of All

April Fool’s day is no joke to the Chinese government.

The Chinese state media, Xinhua, issued a statement today on its official Weibo page frowning upon the participation of pranks and jokes that is April Fool’s day. The government-controlled media agency announced its stance against the holiday as an “anti-China” and “anti-socialist” tradition. The statement read: