Singaporean ramen chain introduces ‘world’s first’ chilli crab matcha macchiato drinks

Singaporean ramen chain introduces ‘world’s first’ chilli crab matcha macchiato drinksSingaporean ramen chain introduces ‘world’s first’ chilli crab matcha macchiato drinks
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Takagi Ramen is launching their
The night before April Fool’s Day, Takagi Ramen posted a dramatic making-of video of the experimental drink, in which the creators took many rounds to think up the unique combination of chili crab sauce and matcha.
With Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” playing in the background, Takagi Ramen workers can be seen in the video mixing a chilli fried soft-shelled crab in a powerful blender with a red oily and chunky sauce. After blending for a few seconds, the mixture is topped over a cup of matcha macchiato. A Takagi Ramen worker inhales the drink in large gulps. As the drink leaks all over his yellow work shirt, he smiles and gives a thumbs up at the camera.
Many Facebook commenters reacted to the April Fools’ prank with gagging and vomiting GIFs. 
Yesterday, Takagi Ramen revealed that the chilli crab matcha drink was no joke. They announced in an Instagram post that they are planning to launch their “World’s First Chilli Crab Macchiato Drink made from Real Chilli Crab Sauce” on April 15 in their Singapore stores. 
For S$5.90 (approximately $4.35), customers can choose a chilli crab matcha macchiato made with coconut milk or coconut water, or without the chilli crab sauce altogether. Takagi Ramen claims their chilli crab matcha macchiato drinks are “the perfect combination of savoury notes with a tinge of sweet clean palette.”
Founded in 2015, Takagi-san came to Singapore from Tsuruga, Japan, and expanded Takagi Ramen to operate out of eight shops, promising authentic, affordable ramen.  
In the Instagram post, Takagi Ramen challenged their loyal customers, asking, “Are you adventurous enough to try?”
Beginning this weekend, those who are can try this drink at seven of their locations: Simei, Chong Pang, One North, Pasir Ris, Ang Mo Kio, Jurong West and Woodlands.
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