These ‘Ramen Headphones’ are the April Fools Joke Everyone Wishes Was Real

These ‘Ramen Headphones’ are the April Fools Joke Everyone Wishes Was RealThese ‘Ramen Headphones’ are the April Fools Joke Everyone Wishes Was Real
Ryan General
April 2, 2019
Gaming peripheral manufacturer HyperX and instant ramen manufacturer Nissin Cup Noodles trolled the internet on Monday with the announcement of a “groundbreaking headphone specially designed to create the ultimate sensorial experience while eating Cup Noodles.”
Dubbed as the “HyperX Cup MIX-IN,” the fake device offers features such as premium memory foam ear pads, an expanded headband, and patent-pending Noodlette™, which reportedly “delivers the silky soft caress of ramen noodles to keep you gaming comfortably during those marathon gaming sessions.”
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While it was an obvious joke to most, the announcement was able to trick some people into believing that such a device exists.
“Staying ahead of trends and infusing innovation into what we offer from Cup Noodles are at the core of what our company was founded on,” Nissin Foods USA’s vice president of marketing Jaclyn Park said in a press statement released on April 1.
“We are always looking for ways to elevate our fans’ experience with Cup Noodles through unexpected and fun ideas, so when HyperX wanted to collaborate, we knew this was an opportunity to give everyone from music lovers to gamers a unique Cup Noodles experience they never imagined.”
Meanwhile, Wendy Lecot, head of strategic alliances for HyperX, doubled down on the joke with this statement: “This collaboration challenged our engineers to push the limits on both performance and creativity.”
The epic April Fool’s day collaboration was such a hit among fans that netizens are now urging the brands to actually make “HyperX Cup MIX-IN” in real life.
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Someone even started an online petition to make the product real:
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HyperX has responded to some commenters in a way that hints that it may indeed become a possibility.
Based on their press release, this may not be too far fetched as Nissin and HyperX stated that they are “in talks to develop a full gamer set” beyond April Fools’ day. The upcoming set reportedly includes a heated mousepad “to keep players’ Cup Noodles warm during marathon gaming sessions.”
It remains unclear, however, whether that is also part of the day’s joke.
Featured image via Nissin Fan Store
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