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‘Tiger Mom’s’ Daughter Gets Job Working for Brett Kavanaugh After Mom Calls Him a ‘Mentor to Women’

Yale Law graduate Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, the daughter of “Tiger Mom” Yale Law School professor Amy Chua, is set to work as a law clerk for United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh beginning this summer.

Chua-Rubenfeld had been planning to work for Kavanaugh since he served as a federal appeals court judge but was put off when he received his nomination for the Supreme Court. The court has now confirmed that Chua-Rubenfeld will serve as Kavanaugh’s law clerk for a year, ABC reports.

‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Suddenly Hospitalized for Undisclosed Illness, Will Miss Rest of Yale Semester

Amy Chua, author of the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and mother of Sophia Chua-Rubenfield, was reportedly hospitalized for undisclosed reason and may not return to teach her class this semester.

The 55-year-old Yale Law School professor’s hospitalization was so sudden that the school board decided to merge her section of contracts class with professor Ian Ayres’ class, according to Above the Law.

Meet the Man Who Coaches the World’s Most Beautiful Women for Miss Universe

When 30-year-old Jeff Lee isn’t busy working for prestigious law firms or earning his business degree at Stanford, he finds himself halfway around the world judging and coaching some of the most beautiful women imaginable — and that’s just his hobby.

Lee is renowned in Asia for teaching already-beautiful women to be — literally — the best in the world and win the title of Miss Universe, a dream job of his that he’s had, oddly enough, since childhood. He now holds the women he judges up to the same high standards he holds for himself, holding the unofficial title of “Mr. Miss Universe” according to an interview with GQ.

Tiger Mom Amy Chua Makes Her Daughters Sign a Legal Contract to Live in Her NYC Apartment

The “Tiger Mother” is back at it again with her parenting advice and this time it involves a  “totally valid and legally enforceable” contract.

Amy Chua, a Yale University law professor, became famous for her controversial parenting tactics after she published them all in a bestselling book in 2011. Her “tiger mother standards” involved forcing her children to play musical instruments for hours a day, drilling them in math, forbidding sleepovers and definitely no dating.

What it’s Like to Be Raised By the Most Famous Tiger Mom of All Time

In 2011, Yale Law School professor and author Amy Chua released her controversial third book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” in which she documented her life raising her two daughters using what she describes as a strict, traditional “Chinese” upbringing.

In an excerpt from her book published the same year by the Wall Street Journal under the title “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” some of the things her daughters were never allowed to do growing up were listed as:

Here’s What Happened to the Daughters of the Original ‘Tiger Mom’

The daughters of “tiger mother” Amy Chua, best known for her controversial child-rearing memoir “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” say they plan to raise their own children the same way their parents did.

Chua, 53, is a Yale law professor recognized for her strict “tiger mom standards” on her children that include not accepting any grades lower than an A, forcing her children to practice musical instruments for hours a day, drilling her kids in mathematics, not allowing sleepovers and definitely no boyfriends. After Chua’s bestselling book was published in 2011, critics exclaimed that Chua’s two daughters were abused and would grow up to be troubled and dysfunctional.